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Hey everyone!

I have ended my time with Patreon because they are horrible, and there will now be a custom replacement called 'Days'. All former VIPs of Patreon have received 60 Days as part of this 'experiment'. Days operate much the same as VIP (and it is still called VIP), but now you are in control of how you spend your Days, just like in real life!

Please read carefully. I am trying to make this less confusing. We'll get there.

'Days' are 'Days of VIP you have to use'. Each Day you visit the site, that will cost you 1 Day. If you skip a Day and don't come to the site, that's NOT -1. You won't lose a day if you don't visit. I will (eventually) come up with a webpage that shows recent updates to the site without docking you a Day. That will take some time to set up properly so no cheating takes place. Days will also come with +1 Free Art / Day and more Coins / Day than just Verified users.

As of now, you can buy more Days with Tokens. I am working to make this more streamline for new users, and I will be incorporating this into the site more.

Immortal users do not have Days. You're immortal, FFS. I still owe a few of you Immortal Status.

All those that subscribed to other tiers on Patreon? I'm sorry, but those were not VIP. That was Money for Tokens, and Patreon has decided not to pay me. Please ask them for a refund.
In July, we're headed to the beach! There are a lot of new story ideas to try and release in July, but I have to pick and choose which ones! Aside from new Beach Cards (that are different from the old BeachFest pics), there will be a new Exhibition featuring Annie and Tessa! It's really going to come down to whatever inspires me more as I scramble to try and get things done.
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7/19/24 - In the market for some new art? The Masterworks gallery has been updated with 50 new(ish) images! Add to your collection!

7/15/24 - Get more than enough of your fill of epic bodies and giant breasts in Surf Shop Sirens. Using her 'Annie' disguise, Hannah teams up with Legendary Girl Tessa to pose as a lesbian couple visiting surf shop in a small beach town. Is this surf shop ready for them? Will they use the dressing rooms to try on bikinis? Not a chance on either count.
7/12/24 - 15 new Banners have been added based on previous works. Find them in the normal rotation, or just go buy them.

7/11/24 - In light of a growing desire for more of Hannah's alter ego, Annie Douglas now has a bio! We know it's just Hannah in disguise, but there's nothing wrong with another hot babe to enjoy. Unlock it by reading All I Want For Christmas, or wait until Surf Shop Sirens.

7/8/24 - Need something extra naughty this summer? Rebecca and Becky are at it again in Long Kiss Goodnight! Although, things aren't entirely what they seem.

7/5/24 - Tiffany's Articial Realism Bundle is now available! Get 50 more images of the blonde phenom added to your collection!

7/1/24 - New Beach Cards are here! Enjoy a ton of brand new renders, including some extra-buff beach babes!

6/24/24 - After a bit too much writer's block, Episode 41: Liquid Courage is done. Sometimes writing the 'action' is harder than writing that other kind of action you're used to on this site. In the end, I'm very happy with the result (and the art!), and can't wait for more Mary. In fact, the next story is already outlined.
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Who would you like to know? Meet one of the many characters basking in the Hannahverse.
Unlock more Bios by reading more stories!
Petra Voronova
A wealthy, retired porn-star turned sex-cult queen

Wild Petra was the queen of porn for decades, always the first name that came to mind when idea of porn came up in conversation. Petra loves men and women equally, once dated the famed Hugo Heffler, and splashed on cover after cover of adult magazine in the late-80s and early-90s. She is nothing short of a legend, and continued doing porn well into her 40s thanks to her world-famous body, gorgeous smile, sexy Russian accent, and her willingness to do anything on camera. Petra is a slut, and she loves being a slut. It has made her millions, made her famous, and made her quite powerful as well.

But when the young Hannah Deangelo revealed her powers to the world, Petra became enlightened upon hearing of the existence of God, divorced her husband, and quickly moved back to Russia to become more spiritual. Yet Petra’s path was not exactly what one might expect as she took her millions of dollars to buy a massive mansion and devote it to pleasure, inviting old friends from the porn industry, and new friends she had met along the way, to bask in extreme hedonism as part of her cult 'The Order of Angels'.

The existence of God had convinced the now self-proclaimed ‘priestess’ to devote her own life to pure bliss, even if that bliss came from having an all-girl orgy in a giant pool of whipped cream. Extremely uninhibited, Petra’s lust only grew once she learned that the now eighteen year-old Hannah had started to embrace sexual pleasures as well, believing that this only justified her perverse lifestyle. The meetings of beautiful men and women started to become more and more religious as Petra and her porn-star friends began to pray to Hannah and thank them for their orgies, unaware that Hannah and her demigods were not only watching, but participating.

Saga Cards are digital 'Trading Cards' that you collect by reading or buying stories! You can save today's Cards in your ♥Art!
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What might the gods and their friends look like in real life? Something like this!

What's cookin', good lookin'? Here's what is coming through the pipeline! See more on the Coming Soon Page!


The set is ready for release in July!
PLAYTHING: FEB 1998: Welcome to one of the greatest moments in human history: Erica Milani's first nude photoshoot. At just eighteen years of age, she shows us both reasons why she became the world's first and only Billionaire Supermodel! Also, Petra Voronina gets a featured pictoral!


This comic is ready for release in July!
In August ... we're taking a break to clean up the website and get caught up. While there will still be releases, the main focus is to get caught up on stories! Think of this as our summer vacation after Hannah and her friends got July. If anything fell through the cracks, this is the month we are using to get caught up.

CHRONICLE: GOING WITH THE FLOW: What happens when a former Plaything bombshell gains the power to turn into anything she wants? Well, considering she can't really get any hotter, she's going to get gooey and flow all over town enjoying new adventures.


In Development.


The set is ready for release in August!
CHRONICLE: A SUMMER SLING: Rebecca may not be the God of Love, but she decides to play matchmaker with two of her favorite lovers. Guiding Sophia Torres to a secluded beach, Rebecca makes sure she bumps into the ultra-hot teenager Tabitha Allen. Now the god just has to sit back and see what happens.


This story is in development.
CHRONICLE A JOB FOR SUPER MOM: A bit more bored that usual, Rebecca Larson leaps back into her Halloween Costume from last year to go and fight crime for real! But when that proves to be boring as well, she figures out a way to spice things up even more!


This story is slowly being written. TBD Release Date.
EPISODE: SPACE INVADERS: Nika flies back to Kyuka to defend it from alien invaders who are discovering it for the first time. What can an entire alien armada do against an invincible god? Nika has some fun in deep space while we learn the story behind her marriage to Scarlett.


This story is outlined.
CHRONICLE: FITNESS GOALS: A late night at the gym proves to be less lonely than expected when a shy, yet handsome young man is joined by an extremely hot teenager who seems to get fit quite quickly.


This is outlined. TBD Release Date.
In September, it's time for the girls to go back to school! School Days arrives with new School Cards, as well as whatever School-themed fun we can come up with.


Here's some free art to enjoy today! Be sure to use Coins to buy up more art to enjoy any time!

These omnipotent beings live among us! They may share the same power, but not the same desires.