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5/19/22 - Private Beach is now available! Time for Tabitha to shine! Enjoy one of Rebecca's most glorious of creations as she sheds her bikini and basks in the sun.
5/13/22 - Kwame now has a Super Bio. Sophia's bio has been updated.

5/13/22 - Transcending Fitness is now available! Enjoy Sophia right now (and maybe a few others)!

4/15/22 - Head In The Clouds is now available for download! Finally! Another episode. Reading this now does not spoil Episode 38, which is still in the works. They are not directly connected.

4/2/22 - The Best Babysitter is now available! Hannah proves to be just as kinky and wild as Rebecca as she roleplays as the older woman's babysitter ... with one really big secret down between her thighs.
3/26/22 - Miss the party? All Seasonal Print Sets are now available for purchase anytime (although they cost Tokens for you tardy types). You can also now download any Seasonal Print set as an image set!
3/25/22 - BeerFest may be over, but the pics from the big finale are right here (if you purchased the set, that is)!
3/20/22 - Little Vanessa gets a Bio!

3/5/22 - Head In The Clouds is now available for Pre-Order! Enjoy the first 23,000 words of Celeste's ascention to divinty. Sometimes, life comes at you fast.
3/3/22 - 13 new Masterworks have been added. More updates are coming, I promise!

2/16/22 - Suburban Secrets is now Elite!
2/16/22 - Mia and Nicole get Super Bios!
2/15/22 - 20 new Masterworks have been added, and some old ones got updated!
2/4/22 - 3D Prints are now Masterworks and 12 new Masterworks have been added! This upgraded section will soon feature even larger resolution renders for Patrons! Plus, all Masterworks will eventually have captions as well. What about Captions? They will all soon join Masterworks and be removed from the site, sadly. Consolidation can be good, though, as all those renders will get super-sized as well! Work in progress.
1/15/22 - 25 new Vintage Pinups have been added!
1/15/22 - Snowfest is here! Click the banner at the top of the page to see what you can enjoy!
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What's being worked on today? Here's what is coming through the pipeline!
Chronicle: Nerd Girls Are Easy - Meet Tessa: Half Tiffany, Half Vanessa! She was the first Legendary Girl to be created (by accident), and for one glorious night, she rocked Tiffany's college as the hottest nerd girl ever seen. She knows everything, including out to fly and shapeshift, but she's never had sex! Time to take care of that.

Writing: 70%
Artwork: 50%

This story is picking up the pace and the 3D art is really good! Aiming for an April release.
Cover TBD Quickie: Control Freak - Kelly gets a Quickie! This quickie takes place just before the Main Saga. We get to witness her abusing mind control powers at a bar. Less sex. More powers.

Writing: 0%
Artwork: 0%

Expect this short story to sneak in some time soon.

Here's some free art to enjoy today! Be sure to use Coins to buy up more art to enjoy any time!

Who would you like to know? Meet one of the many characters basking in the Hannahverse.
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Nika Yin
An abused woman who became a vengeful god and the most trusted advisor to The Magical Girl.

Nika’s life is not a happy story. Born into sexual slavery in the late 1910s, the Japanese child was passed around from kingpin to business tycoon and abused for most of her life. Clearly a beautiful young girl, Nika was a prize to anyone who owned her, finding herself treated as property instead of a person. Only when she became old and used was she cast out into the cold to die. After surviving into her 90s, Nika was visited by the newly revealed magical girl Hannah Deangelo and given unbelievable powers, powers that allowed her to not only revert her age back into that of a thirty-two year-old woman of unparalleled beauty, but also powers that gave her the means to get revenge on not only those who wronged her, but those who wronged anyone. Tasked with the duty of doing the unspeakable acts the young Hannah did not want to commit, Nika zips around the world as a ghost of vengeance, taking any form she desires as she personally deals with the worst of mankind. Nika could be a heart attack, a stroke, or a cancer. She might be a hurricane, a wildfire, or even simply visit those who desire some personal attention. Nika believes Hannah is in fact the one, true God, and longs for the day when Hannah takes her throne and rules mankind. Until then, she is Hannah’s advisor, friend, and lesbian lover.

These omnipotent beings live among us! They may share the same power, but not the same desires.