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6/1/23 - An Angelic Reunion is now available! This story has been in the works for a while, and I'm glad to have finally released it. I actually started it as Dani's first story, but since then she has already appeared in quite a few things, and more to come!

5/11/23 - Rise To Power gets another massive update. To think I thought I was cutting this story short. I guess I shouldn't have tried to cram all of Vanessa's backstory into one episode. There's even going to be a 'second part' one day. However, Episode 38 still has one more update to do. Hopefully very soon.
5/10/23 - New Long Shot Custom Made Maid has been added.
5/9/23 - 17 New Masterworks have been added, as well as the ability to view all Masterworks at Supersize!
5/8/23 - New Long Shot Some Magazine Magic has been added.

4/13/23 - The 'first' issue of Plaything Magazine is here! Okay, it's not actually the first, but it is the first one to feature Anna Devine on the cover! This issue can be closely connected to Episode 30. I tried to make it feel like a real magazine with ads and interviews and such. Enjoy.

4/5/23 - A Walk In The Park has been vastly updated! It is also now known as 'A Sunday Stroll'. Enjoy this remastering of Hannah!
4/9/23 - More Masterworks have been added. If you are having issues with purchasing Masterworks, please contact me.

4/5/23 - The Talented Teenager has been given an art update. Very minimal text changes to reflect new art. Download it again if you own it, and if you don't own it, buy it!

4/2/23 - I know it has been a while, but Rise To Power has finally been updated. Finishing this story through and through has become a priority, as has the rest of the Main Saga. This story is also quite long, and I hope to get enough backstory in there along with some steamy Vanessa fun. I am going to sadly skip over a few hot moments, but that's because I also plan on revisiting some of those moments via Quickies or Chronicles. I feel its more important to lay out all of Vanessa's past with this Episode than it is to get to all the intimate details.
4/1/23 - New Video A Walk In The Park has been added. It's a extended animation of Rebecca's strut, and if you're wondering if there is something else on this site called A Walk In The Park, there is, but I'll be changing that title to something else soon.

3/30/23 - Hot Summer Nights is here. While it may not be summer, or that hot (around these parts), you can still enjoy Alexis Phillips in all her glory!
3/14/23 - 20 New Masterworks have been added, putting them over the 200 mark! Enjoy some brand new renders from your favorite babes!
3/10/23 - New Long Shot Red Carpet Wonder has been added! I didn't expect it to be done so soon, so why wait to release it?
3/8/23 - Long Shots have been added to the Video Library and will continue to grow over time. Only Verified Users can view them, so get Verified.
3/7/23 - More Site Banners have been added. Sadly, you have to turn the video off to get them to repeat/randomize, or you can buy them individually.

2/27/23 - Let's Go To The Mall has been remastered and extended! Plus, it has a new ending I think you'll enjoy more.
2/27/23 - New Masterworks added, but you might own some of them already. There was a hiccup in production, and some old Masterworks were lost. However, they were also ones I didn't really care for, so I replaced them. Some of these new masterworks have been added to Bios as well.

2/23/23 - Bus Ride is extended and now a Chronicle! Enjoy some extra words about Tiffany's first real adventure as a god, as well as all the 3D art that comes with it! The ending has also been ... altered.
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Vanessa's life has gone through some changes ever since she became a god, so let's explore her life and witness some of the sexy, magical events of her past. This story will be completed in after the holiday-themed stories.


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Vanessa Crawford
A billionaire businesswoman who is secretly the God of Power, but not-so-secretly a very hungry lesbian.

A lowly secretary who was abused by her job and her husband was given a new offer as a god by Nika and Hannah, a offer she was not about to refuse. Instantly equipped with infinite power at her fingertips (including but not limited to the ability to fly, travel anywhere in the world in a zip of light, and read the minds of anyone in the world at any time), Vanessa faked her death so she could escape her old job, horrible husband, and her religious parents so she could finally be what she knew she was: a lesbian. Able to do as she pleased, Vanessa created a new body for herself which no one from her past life would recognize and began using her new powers to give herself more power in the business world. Through careful manipulation, Vanessa harnessed the stock markets, made herself millions upon millions, and then went to work crushing the cruel corporate world one horrible business at a time. Now insanely rich and fabulously famous, yet well aware of the fact that she must hide her supernatural powers from the public, Vanessa lives a public life a glamorous tycoon who longs to clean up the corporate world and surround herself with beautiful women (both real women and women she might have just snapped into existence for fun).

When she is not on television talking about her ideas for the future of business and investments, Vanessa is secretly an omnipotent being who lives in luxury at one of her many homes around the world as well as an invisible ghost who literally haunts her competition. Unable to be seen in public due to her fame, Vanessa has found a new love of 'ghosting' around when she is trying to avoid the spotlight, able to fly freely through walls and offices while completely invisible. Passionate, proud, and a lover of the finer things in life, Vanessa lives two lives quite perfectly: one of that as a famed, billionaire, businesswoman who all those below her admire and see as the perfect boss, and the other as a ghostly, godlike being who enjoys passionate, glorious sex with beautiful women, sometimes men, and of course, always tries to find the time to enjoy her fellow gods. If there is one god who knows how to manage both her 'mortal' and divine lives, it is Vanessa.

These omnipotent beings live among us! They may share the same power, but not the same desires.