What's next for Hannah and her friends? Find out here! All dates are subject to change,
and this is just a general list to keep things organized and not really a 'queue'.

UPDATED 10-15-21
Another great story that sadly lost its way, is only about 1/3 the way done, and also feverishly planned out. Tessa's adventure is not one to miss and is still full of magical fun.

It's Show and Tell in Ms. Carson's class, and Janet has asked her girlfriend Alexis to come show off her naked body for everyone, and how loud she gets when she cums.

Ms. Wallace gets a visit from her old student Dani Thomas who has been turned into an angel since graduating from the Church of Hannah. What else can Dani do?

Vanessa's life has gone through some changes ever since she became a god, so let's explore her past and witness some of the sexy, magical events of her past.

Rebecca is too horny to care what she does in the privacy of her own home, and that means things are going to get kinkier than ever.

Ghost Mom #1: This story has been broken up into a new Series to be found in the Comic section. It will be released in Episodes much like the Main Saga, and include 3D artwork within the pages. Episodes 1-5 are outlined.

Hannah And Sabrina #2 Finally back to this comic. It's the day after Episode #1, and Sabrina is at school. She's already wanting to fly again, but Hannah has other ideas.

Hannah And Sabrina #1 Remastered: The story will not change, but the renders could be much better. Now that new skills have been acquired, it would be nice to clean this one up.

Life On Evos #2 This story is outlined. It will be bumped up eventually when I find a good spot for it.

Godlife Issue #2 will see the gods going shopping and getting spotted in public places! A jewerly store, an outdoor restaurant, and a picnic at a public park.

  Silent Story - Dance With The Devil: Nika has her next target picked out: some Las Vegas mobsters who think Hannah is letting them get away with evil crimes. Of course, she isn't, but Nika didn't think Celeste wanted to come along. These two come up with a plan to judge these horrible mortals.

Silent Story - Photo Opportunity: A lucky photographer on a remote, private beach spots the hottest bikini babe he has ever seen in his life only to find out she has an identical twin. But when he snaps photos of these twins making out and having lesbian sex, he isn't sure what he is watch. Yet they are watching him, and they want him to come take more photos of their love.


All Patrons the access to the Coming Soon grid stored on Google Docs which is updated often. But since I'm nice, here are a few highlights.

An issue of Plaything Magazine is coming featuring the Girls of the Church of Hannah 2014. You'll get to see Alexis, Dani, Yuri, Janet, Laura, and teachers Ms. Wallace, Dr. Carson, and who knows who else!
Hannah and Vanessa will merge to form Vanna; The Boss of Everything. She is so bossy, even reality obeys her. Upon realizing she has not married and longing for women, she heads out into the world to steal a mortal as her wife.
The day after Hannah showed all the demigods they can alter their genders, Rebecca gets curious after her husband goes to work and tries it for herself. This will surely attract other curious gods.
Jackie is sick and tired of being magical, yet also having to live at home and hide her powers from her parents. Longing to rebel, she sneaks out at night to unleash her powers on the city.
Hollywood star Molly owes all of her recent success to an extremely magical teenager named Becky who loves to play tricks, and now Becky has come to collect.