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About This Site:
Who made this site?
Literally everything on this website is made by Jasmine VanCroft. That's me. Yes, it is a pen name taken from 'Jasmine' from the ultra hot vixen Vivica Fox from Independence Day who is the original inspiration for my character Vanessa and 'VanCroft' from Playboy model Nichole Van Croft who I believe looks a lot like my main character Hannah Deangelo if she were a real person. I sometime say 'we' or 'us' in text blurbs, but that's just to sound more important than I am. This is not run by a team, group, or company. It's all me, from the website to the games to the artwork to the stories. But it's not about me, it's about Hannah.

Of note, I do have a proofreader and a DeviantArt assistant who prefer to remain anonymous.
How often do you update?
As often as I can. I leave notes on what I have updated on the main page. I try to release at least one story/comic every month. Believe me when I say that I am working often on this site to bring you new stuff. Some things take longer than others, but I'm no slouch.
What is What?
There are a lot of different things on this site. I hope this can simplify it:
Episode: A long story that centers around the main plot.
Bonus Scene: A short story that centers around the main plot.
Chronicle: A long story that serves as a single-shot/backstory to the main plot.
Quickie: A short story that servers as a single-shot/backstory to the main plot.
Silent Story: A long comic with no words/text.
Exhibition: A short comic with no words/text that commonly centers around the gods in public.
Caption: A complete render/mage with some short text.
Card: A single image/picture of one or more character with some short text.
How come some of the dates/ages are innaccurate?
All ages of all characters are set as of the year 2015, not whatever year you are reading this. The Main Plot of the series takes place in September of 2015 when Hannah is just starting college. There are also many stories (Chronicles and Quickies) that take place before that, but all ages on the site are set as of "Episode 1" of the Main Plot.
Regarding Your Account:
What are Tokens?
Tokens are an easy way to exchange your Real Money to buy things. Instead of transaction after transaction, you can store 'Real Money' on this site in the form of Tokens. It's also an easy way for me to give people prizes, which I do sometimes. Tokens are Money. Spend them wisely. There are no refunds. You can get Tokens here.
What are Coins?
Coins are Play Money. Coins are used to buy smaller things on the website. You can think of them as like tickets at a carnival you then exchange for stuffed animals, but instead of stuffed animals, they're sexy stories and erotic art. Coins can be earned in a variety of ways.
What is Verified Status?
Simply put, Verified Status means you have bought something via Tokens. It's sort of a way to make sure you are a legal adult and allowed to be here. Despite the free things on this website, I will never give anything willingly to someone who is not Verifed. Some 'free things' are still locked up for Verified Users only.
What is VIP Status?
VIP Status allows you read ANYTHING online without buying it. You cannot download anything you want, but you can view it on this site. Visit the Subcriptions Page to get VIP.
What is Immortal Status?
Immortal Status is VIP Status FOR LIFE. Your subscription never ends. This was once offered as part of a Patreon option, but is currently no longer available. It may return in time.