Tiffany Martin
A once very plain girl who now lives many amazing lives.
Appears ... 23 (32) years old
Birthday 5/12/1992
Power Level 99%
Home City Unknown
Current City Los Angeles, California
Can ... do anything she wants. She is omnipotent.
Likes to ... model; be a superhero named Magentress; split into two alter-egos named Tina and Roxy; have sex with her boyfriend Luke; have sex with Vanessa.
Fun Facts Famous supermodel; Hannah's God of Fate; has mortal boyfriend who knows of her powers; occasionally fights crime as a pink-skinned superhero named Magentress; actually ten years younger than she appears
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Tiffany's Story
Tiffany Martin had dreams of being a beauty queen and a model, but her genetics would simply not allow it. Not born to be pretty, Tiffany still tried diet, exercise, learned beauty tips, and even tried out for the cheerleader squad every year in high school only to be laughed at. Fate was against the poor girl and it seemed she would never get to live the life she wanted, or at least it seemed that way until the day she was turned into a god. Seeking honest souls, Hannah turned Tiffany into the God of Fate when she was twenty-one years-old, giving her the job of helping people find their true calling.

But Tiffany wanted control of her own life as well, and now able to now change her appearance at will, as well as do anything she could imagine, Tiffany started living not just a double life as thirty-two year-old mega-hot super-beautiful supermodel Tiffany Rose, but many lives including Tina and Roxy, teenage web-cam strippers and a superhero named Magentress who fights crime for kicks. Yet when around her parents, roommate, and friends, Tiffany must transform back into her normal self still living a normal, non-omnipotent life, a deception she greatly enjoys. Secretly a god, a supermodel, an internet sensation, and a superhero, Tiffany zips around the world living out her lives, yet still sometimes takes a break to enjoy her fellow gods.
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Frequent Lover

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