They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so does that mean a thousand words is also worth a picture?
Whatever the case may be, we've got a lot of artwork to go along with our stories.
3D Comic Series
Hannah and Sabrina have a comic series. How will Sabrina's life change after having sex with God?
3D Silent Stories
Like stories, but don't like reading? That's fine! These image-only stories are still easy to follow without text!
3D Captions
These images come with fun little captions and are sure to inspire! Enjoy select moments from Hannah's friends!
3D Pinups
Check out some of the great moments and images from various 3D works found on this site! Free for patrons!
Project Hexium
Artist Project Hexium has been creating some great 3D artwork of Hannah and her friends as well!
Cover Art
Check out the full gallery of cover artwork here at a much higher resolution, and without all that text in the way!
2D Posters
Some of Hannah's best images have been turned into giant pin up posters! Check out this sexy collection.
2D Polaroids
Hannah has a ton of photos not on her wall. See them all here. There's well over a hundred of them!
Fan Art
Other artists have been inspired by Hannah, her friends, and their sexy stories. See their work!

Artwork by
Project Hexium
Some new fan art is being created by artist Project Hexium, including some very sexy captions! There are also rumblings of a new 3D comic series starring Rebeeca Larson! Stay tunned.
Project Hexium's Captions
Project Hexium's DeviantArt Page
Artwork by
To say that fahzbehn has 'donated fan art' is not true for fahzbehn is the artist behind Hannah's first 3D comic! You can read the whole thing here!
fahzbehn's DeviantArt Page
Artwork by
Kubla Khan
Artist Kubla Khan has Hannah showing off her love for robes, white, and jewelry. She looks like she's decided that yes, she is God.
Kubla Khan's Fan Art
Artwork by
A more traditional artist has used Hannah on a few occasions as she drops in to mess when some of his original characters.
Vestiphile's Fan Art
Vestiphile's DeviantArt Page
Artwork by
We This bit of photoshopped fan art was too good to not post and share. It's so great, that it became one of Rebecca's most recognizable covers! Model used is Rebecca Ramos (where Rebecca Larson also gets her namesake from). Obviously, Rebecca Ramos does not endorse this website in any way, but we like to think she would if she knew about it.
(anonymous)'s Fan Art
Artwork by
Au Goose
Au Goose donated an excellent rendering of Hannah. Who doesn't love Hannah?
Au Goose's Fan Art

"Hannah Snaps" by Kubla Khan
Artist Kubla Khan has Hannah in her classic white, oversized robe and not much else.
With all those diamonds on, one might think she has embraced the idea that she might be God!
"Hannah Floats" and "Hannah Soars" by Au Goose
Artist Au Goose made a few great pics of Hannah soaring in the clouds.
They seem reminiscent of the cover for Episode 1.
Note her colorful blue eyes and her divine necklace.
Great attention to detail.
"Erin Meets Hannah" by Vestiphile
Click for more art from Vestiphile
Vestiphile created a neat scene of Hannah meeting his character Erin.
Clearly Hannah's a bit more powerful.
"Hi Sweetie" by anonymous
If you're not going to do Hannah art, Rebecca Larson art is a very good choice.
This photoshop of Playboy bombshell Rebecca Ramos is a fantastic display of
everything that is Rebecca Larson: powers, beauty, style. Thanks, anonymous!
We love it so much, it became a cover!