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Here's the list of past entries which have been taken off the main page to save space.

6/20/24 - Expand your collection with Artificial Realism Bundle #9! Add 100 new images to your collection. You can also download the entire bundle!

6/12/24 - New Exhibition Mating Ritual is here! Horny fairy Daisy yearns for love, and she knows how to attract other fairies to please her. Who will come to the forest to be with Daisy?

6/6/24 - As it is Sky Days, we thought it would be nice to give you an Artificial Realism Bonus Pack of Hannah Deangelo: the girl born with the power to fly (and other powers too)! Get a whopping 100 Artificial Realism pics now!

6/1/24 - New Sky Cards are here! Enjoy a ton of brand new renders, including some girls as angels for the first time!
5/29/24 - New feature for Patrons and Immortals: Get Up Close and Personal in all Bios! Click the button under the Bio Image to get closer to the girls than ever before!

5/16/24 - More Nature Cards have been added! Enjoy a ton of brand new renders, some quite wild!

5/7/24 - With Nature Days here, it's time to celebrate Mother Nature herself with Rebecca's Artificial Realism Bonus Pack! If you want more Rebecca, get 50 more images of her right now!

5/1/24 - The new season is here, which means Nature Cards have been added! All new renders of girls out in the wild ... getting wild! Collect them all!

4/24/24 - A bunch of new Masterworks have been added! Some old art. Some new art. Just get them all, and don't forget to click [+] to see them in ultra-high resolution. That's the point, after all!

4/19/24 - The fan-favorite story After Hours has been updated with 3D art! All in preparation for release of her next, far bigger story Going With The Flow. You can still pre-order Going With The Flow and read the opening scene.

4/16/24 - More Cosmic Cards have been added! Add to your collection with some hot, new renders!

4/9/24 - Dr. Julia Reynolds gets her time to shine in Body of Research! Get this hot Exhibition now and see why BioTrek loves having Dr. Reynolds around. Also, Bar Maids has been made available for download.

4/5/24 - A massive new Artifical Realism Cosmic Bundle have been added! Get 200 images! That's a lot! Also, I have noticed I have gotten behind on creating downloads for the Artificial Realism section. Many have been updated for download.

4/1/24 - New Cosmic Cards have been added! All new renders of some of our most popular girls in space! Get them all!

3/25/24 - More Beer Cards have been added! Check 'em out!

3/16/24 - Just in time for some drinking, the Bar Maids are here! Mia Sato gets hired to work at a local dive bar, and her outfit is a bit revealing. Yet it turns out she's not the only Bar Maid, and its time for her to get to work!

3/8/24 - A new Artifical Realism Bundle has been added! Get it and get more babes!

3/4/24 - Jennifer Lee's Bio is now available. She only has one story (so far) that will let you unlock it, so go read the Quickie God's Good Graces. More stories and art featuring Jennifer are on the way this year!

3/1/24 - March is for Beer! The new Beer Cards are here. If you don't like beer, that's okay! We're celebrating bars, drinking, and even going out to the clubs this month. Get the first 25 Beer Cards now! More to come!

2/27/24 - The sexy, young, and exceptionally powerful God of Love gets her own Artificial Realism Bonus Pack as part of Love Days! Add 50 more rendered images of Celeste Casanova to your collection!

2/21/24 - A newer character to the saga, Maria Nuñez has some catching up to do, and now you can catch up too with her Artificial Realism Bonus Pack. Add 50 more rendered images to your collection!

2/14/24 - Seeing as it is Valentine's Day, how about an update to the Valentine's Day story A Gift From God? Oh, and it's free to read on Valentine's Day for those who don't have it yet.

2/9/24 - With love in the air this month, Dani reunites with her identical twin sister who has an Interesting Proposal for her: they should get married! As hot as that might seem, should Dani marry her own twin sister? Wait, does Dani even have a twin sister?
2/6/24 - Nine new Banners have been added, making a total of 90! Check them out in the Banner Gallery, or as part of the regular rotation.

2/1/24 - February is here, and that means love is in the air with new Love Cards! These cards will replace the old LoveFest gallery. If you purchased that gallery, you will get the first 25 Love Cards free! Expect this gallery to keep growing year after year!

1/27/24 - The long game pays off big in Coffee And Cream, a story I started a long time ago and have been slowly piecing together over time. When it finally came time to knock it out and finish the damn thing, this story delivers (that is if you like hot moms with big dicks who love to get wild and weird). Keri Williams is a new-ish character who is Nicole's mom and appeared briefly in Episode 27. Like Sophia Torres, she is another hot mom who needs some magical fun. Suffice to say, Rebecca is having sex with everyone in Keri's family but her son (loser). Just don't let Keri find out!

1/22/24 - Another batch of 50 Snow Cards have been added! Keep things hot through the winter months!

1/17/24 - Date Night is now Reflected Desires! With new 3D artwork, and about 3000 more words of sexiness, this Quickie needed a title change. Enjoy the remastered work, and get ready for more Molly!

1/12/24 - Guess what! Another round of images have been added to the Artificial Realism gallery! Excellent! Grab 'em. The search options have also been updated to accomidate new characters Jennifer, Molly, and Keri.

1/9/24 - THIS IS JUST AN ANNOUCEMENT, but I wanted to share that another issue of Plaything Magazine will be released in May. Ironically, it's the February 1998 issue, but it is very much 'nature' themed, and May will be used to celebrate all things nature. This issue is the legendary debut of Erica Milani, who has been aged down to eighteen years-old for your enjoyment. She was still incredibly stacked, which is probably why she quickly became a world-wide phenomenon. Petra Voronina and Kathy Phillips also appear.

1/8/24 - Sophia has a New Winter Coat, but she doesn't plan on keeping it on very long even if she is prancing around in the winter snow. Enjoy these pics taken by her husband Diego. Lucky guy.

1/3/24 - 50 New Masterworks have been added! Grab these to continue your collection!

1/1/24 - Ring in the new year with some snowy Snow Cards! These will replace the old Seasonal Prints. If you purchased those in the past, you'll get the first 50 Snow Cards free!

12/21/23 - Have yourself a Mary Christmas! Mary is finally back in Liquid Courage! A Pre-Order is available now, with the full story arriving in (hopefully) February! Mary's got some new powers to play with, and she needs every power she's got to get more of her super-drug. This is the first Mary story to have full 3D renders, and boy did I need them.
12/18/23 - Molly Servalli and Keri Williams now both have bios! You might even have them already unlocked! Both ladies will be receiving new stories in 2024.

12/13/23 - Two new Artificial Realism Galleries have been added! They may not be Holiday themed, but who cares! Update your collection with 200 new images!

12/8/23 - New Quickie Making The Grade has Jackie trying to fix her grades the only way she knows how: with sex and magic. Will she succeed?

12/5/23 - Check out the new sensation Kelly White in Skyrise Sensation, an exhibition taken directly from the pages of Episode 40. Kelly is convinced to not only strip down to a tiny bikini, but strip even further as she gets naked in public. If you haven't read Episode 40, you may be wondering why Hannah is there. Meh ... you'll figure it out later, I guess. This, and Flying Bikini Squad, are both now available for download as well. Bikinis!

12/1/23 - Who wants to go Lingerie Shopping with Rebecca and Celeste? It would make more sense if they were in a lingerie store than a grocery store, though. Check out this new Quickie staring two very naughty gods.
11/24/23 - Okay, now it can be the Holiday Season, and let's start things off with a sexy Holiday Realism Pack! Get 200 pics of Artificial Realism with a holiday/snowy theme. Just because it's cold out doesn't mean these girls are going to wear clothes.
11/16/23 - Sharing is caring! We're accepting submissions for anyone who wants to share their Saved ♥Art with eveyone! Users can browse your gallery and save art they may not normally have access to! As a test, you can browse a Saved ♥Art Collection we have put together. There may be a few secret, unreleased Saga Cards in there! Just remember to click [♥] and save it before the gallery is gone!
11/15/23 - Saga Cards have officially landed. The old cards are gone. The new Saga Cards are forever. Check the new Saga Cards gallery to see what you have already unlocked! There are currently 350 Saga Cards, and more to come. You can also save Saga Cards to your ♥Art page if you find them on any other page on the site.
11/3/23 - Saga Cards have begun to trickle out. These cards will replace the '3D cards' permanently. You cannot 'buy' individual Saga Cards, but rather you will unlock them as you read/buy more stories! It will take a while to update the site to reflect all the new cards. A new Saga Cards Gallery will be added at a later date.

10/27/23 - The ability to Save Art has been added! You can currently save AI Realism, Masterworks, Banners, and Behind The Scenes. More options to be added later. Look for the [♥] when new galleries are updated with this feature! To celebrate, I've released 200 more Artifical Realism pics! Get both bundles and expand your gallery!

10/26/23 - Martian Maneater is here just in time for Halloween. Not your traditional Halloween story, but I felt I did something like that last year. Enjoy a wild Halloween romp with a lot of surprises and scares!
10/9/23 - Several smaller site updates have led to the addition of a new COMING SOON: LONGER PROJECTS page. These are just big projects that will take a lot of time and effort to get through. You can Send Encouragement (1000 Coins) and let me know which ones you want to see first. No promises, but it is ... encouraging!

10/3/23 - Halloween! Halloween! You can now purchase the massive Artifical Realism: Halloween '23 image pack! It's 300 brand new AI-rendered images featuring the cast in various outfits. Captions included! You can also download the entire pack and save offline. I'll be working on the Halloween story this month, so enjoy this update leading up to the best holiday of the year!

9/15/23 - A Great Awakening is done. Enjoy. I'm taking a nap.
9/12/23 - A few new Masterworks have been added to reach 300 total!

9/11/23 - By popular demand, another Artificial Realism Bundle is now available. Add 100 new images to your collection. No need to buy them all individually. You can find this set on the newly added menu in the Artificial Realism Gallery. You can also download the entire bundle!

9/8/23 - New Behind The Scenes Gallery opens with 10 brand new Captions! This is a non-canon section where all the characters are allowed to mingle.

9/5/23 - A Great Awakening has received a great update! The finale is still due Sept 15th, but there's no reason why you can get started now. This story is gonna be a fan favorite, for sure.
9/4/23 - New Long Shot Time For Me To Go added! Verified Users only! This is basically a video summary of the Quickie 'Morning With God'.

9/1/23 - Artificial Realism Bundle #1 is now available. Add 100 new images to your collection. No need to buy them all individually. You can find this set on the newly added menu in the Artificial Realism Gallery. You can also download the entire bundle!
8/14/23 - Artificial Realism gets one more big update to a total of 500 pics, as well as the ability to Search. I'm going to be stepping away from updates for a while to focus on new releases and shutter some other projects. Focus must be recaptured.

8/8/23 - Rise To Power is finally done. Geesh. That was a monster. I'm happy with the end result, but it surely took longer than I had ever hoped. It was indeed a hurdle that I have finally crossed. There are still two more additional 'works' that will spin off of Rise to Power, but more on those later.
8/1/23 - Artificial Realism gets a big update. Donate if you want more pics! Images have also been further updated on Bios.
7/10/23 - Artificial Realism galleries added to some character Bios. More to come as more art is created and tagged. Visible only to Verifed Users.
7/9/23 - Jeez, I didn't expect the new Artificial Realism gallery to get so popular so fast! I have cashed in your donations and created 100 new images already. Tabitha, Sophia and Sabrina turned out great. Becky and Jackie look rather similar, but oh well. For now, I need to focus on stories, so I won't be creating new AI art for a while. Keep donating! I will cash in all your donations at a later date and bring to tons of new art.

7/7/23 - It doesn't get any more real than this. After a few tests, I have decided to create and open an new Artificial Realism gallery. While my own opinion of A.I. 'art' is not very high, I thought it would still be nice to see what the cast of Omnipotence might look like if they were real. This gallery is free for all Verifed Users. However, I won't be adding anything new without your collective contributions. So if you like what you see, donate some Tokens. And before you ask: no, this art won't be replacing 3D art by any means. 3D art is and will continue to be the focus. This gallery is just a bonus.

7/5/23 - New Quickie Reaching Around is available! I know there was just a kinky Dani Thomas story, but this one just kinda happened. I don't think you wanted me to wait to release it.
7/3/23 - Over 30 new Masterworks have been added! That's a lot!
7/1/23 - Bio Image Refresehes for Alice, Celeste, Jade, Julia, Natalia, Kelly, Scarlett, and Isabella. Check out the new pics!
7/1/23 - More Banners have been added! A lot have also been refreshed with new art.

6/12/23 - The Telekinesis Test is available! It's just a quick, fun, pocket-reality story for Tiffany and Becky. You'll love the art! A download will follow shortly as I am making some new Masterworks to include with the download.

6/10/23 - It's the Flying Bikini Squad! Taken from the pages of Episode 38, find out what Isabella and her bikini friends were up to. If you haven't read up on Episode 38, that's okay. There's no spoilers. Just sexy, flying bikini babes getting all wet. You can also get Isabella's Bio if you buy this set!
6/6/23 - 8 new Banners have been added, some taken from recent stories!
6/4/23 - Tanya, Laura, and Simone all get bios! If you have read An Angelic Reunion, you get their bios! I am still working on connecting them to the rest of the site as they have a lot of past connections that need to be updated.
6/3/23 - 20 new Masterworks have been added, some taken from recent stories!

6/1/23 - An Angelic Reunion is now available! This story has been in the works for a while, and I'm glad to have finally released it. I actually started it as Dani's first story, but since then she has already appeared in quite a few things, and more to come!

5/11/23 - Rise To Power gets another massive update. To think I thought I was cutting this story short. I guess I shouldn't have tried to cram all of Vanessa's backstory into one episode. There's even going to be a 'second part' one day. However, Episode 38 still has one more update to do. Hopefully very soon.
5/10/23 - New Long Shot Custom Made Maid has been added.
5/9/23 - 17 New Masterworks have been added, as well as the ability to view all Masterworks at Supersize!
5/8/23 - New Long Shot Some Magazine Magic has been added.

4/13/23 - The 'first' issue of Plaything Magazine is here! Okay, it's not actually the first, but it is the first one to feature Anna Devine on the cover! This issue can be closely connected to Episode 30. I tried to make it feel like a real magazine with ads and interviews and such. Enjoy.

4/5/23 - A Walk In The Park has been vastly updated! It is also now known as 'A Sunday Stroll'. Enjoy this remastering of Hannah!
4/9/23 - More Masterworks have been added. If you are having issues with purchasing Masterworks, please contact me.

4/5/23 - The Talented Teenager has been given an art update. Very minimal text changes to reflect new art. Download it again if you own it, and if you don't own it, buy it!

4/2/23 - I know it has been a while, but Rise To Power has finally been updated. Finishing this story through and through has become a priority, as has the rest of the Main Saga. This story is also quite long, and I hope to get enough backstory in there along with some steamy Vanessa fun. I am going to sadly skip over a few hot moments, but that's because I also plan on revisiting some of those moments via Quickies or Chronicles. I feel its more important to lay out all of Vanessa's past with this Episode than it is to get to all the intimate details.
4/1/23 - New Video A Walk In The Park has been added. It's a extended animation of Rebecca's strut, and if you're wondering if there is something else on this site called A Walk In The Park, there is, but I'll be changing that title to something else soon.

3/30/23 - Hot Summer Nights is here. While it may not be summer, or that hot (around these parts), you can still enjoy Alexis Phillips in all her glory!
3/14/23 - 20 New Masterworks have been added, putting them over the 200 mark! Enjoy some brand new renders from your favorite babes!
3/10/23 - New Long Shot Red Carpet Wonder has been added! I didn't expect it to be done so soon, so why wait to release it?
3/8/23 - Long Shots have been added to the Video Library and will continue to grow over time. Only Verified Users can view them, so get Verified.
3/7/23 - More Site Banners have been added. Sadly, you have to turn the video off to get them to repeat/randomize, or you can buy them individually.

2/27/23 - Let's Go To The Mall has been remastered and extended! Plus, it has a new ending I think you'll enjoy more.
2/27/23 - New Masterworks added, but you might own some of them already. There was a hiccup in production, and some old Masterworks were lost. However, they were also ones I didn't really care for, so I replaced them. Some of these new masterworks have been added to Bios as well.

2/23/23 - Bus Ride is extended and now a Chronicle! Enjoy some extra words about Tiffany's first real adventure as a god, as well as all the 3D art that comes with it! The ending has also been ... altered.

2/20/23 - Christmas comes ... a little late. The GiftFest 2022 images are now all complete. You can download all 100 images now!

2/20/23 - Tending Bar has been remastered and extended! It has doubled in length. Enjoy more Rebecca! The download has been updated as well, so if you own it, download it again and replace your old images.
2/2/23 - Please check out the Coming Soon page for an important, exciting update.
2/2/23 - 19 more Masterworks have been added! Going to take a break from them for a while, but they are very fun to make. Expect a lot more in the future.
1/17/23 - 18 more Masterworks have been added to make a total of 150! Collect them all!
1/10/23 - M-Day is here! January 10, 2023 is the day Mary first took her drug and started on her path towards ... well ... we'll see! All Mary Miller stories are free to read online for January, I've added a ton of new Mary art, her Bio is also unlocked for everyone going forward, and all of her stories now have 3D covers (not art just yet). However, all of Mary's new art can be found in the revamped Masterworks section! Tons of new Masterworks have been added as well!

1/3/23 - All I Want For Christmas has been extended again! Almost there!

12/25/22 - All I Want For Christmas has been extended. Sadly, the real life holiday season has slowed me down, so it is not done yet, but it, and the rest of the GiftFest gifts will arrive as soon as they are completed. Enjoy more of Hannah's Christmas adventure, and know there is still more to come.

12/13/22 - This Is Halloween is done! Enjoy the finale! No sharing spoilers!

12/2/22 - All I Want For Christmas Pre-Order is here! This story moved quite fast, and the art was no slouch either! I've decided to release the first 80 pages now (even though the Halloween story isn't done yet). This story ended up with a lot more plot than I anticipated, but it's all great! It could have been an Episode (if I timed things out better).

11/19/22 - This Is Halloween gets another big update. This story has grown out of control, but I'm sure you don't mind. Two more scenes to go to finish!
11/15/22 - SpookyFest Prints are now available for download!

10/28/22 - This Is Halloween has been updated!
10/11/22 - A new animation for Jackie has been added to the Video Gallery!

10/8/22 - Episode 40: A Great Awakening is now on Pre-Order! Dive into Kelly's past and how she came to be who she is. Not is all what it seems.

10/4/22 - Evening Prayers has been upgraded to Elite Status! Get in on the 3D action with Mia and Hannah (and a bit more of Lisa too).

10/4/22 - Tempting Fate has been completely updated with new artwork and additional images.
10/3/22 - Banner Gallery is now open on the Art Page! You can buy any of the Banners that appear on the front page.

10/2/22 - This Is Halloween is now on Pre-Order! Expect the finale before Halloween arrives!
9/30/22 - Omnipotence Trailer #1 is out now! In case you missed it, it's above you.
9/30/22 - New Video and Gif Page added! Patrons can view .mp4s. Others get .gifs.

8/30/22 - Going With The Flow is now on Pre-Order! I just started tinkering with this story, and ended up writing the full opening scene. I'll be adding to this story later on, but I think it has a nice stand-alone 'quickie' at the start. More to come!

8/30/22 - For Fuck's Sake is now Elite! The story has also been extended 1300 words.

8/22/22 - More Tiffany? Why not! The Sweetest Thing is now available! Tiffany can't seem to keep her clothes on while visiting a candy store.

8/15/22 - Heat Of The Moment is now available! The quickie was almost as quick to write as it was to read. Got the idea and ran with it. Tiffany struggles a bit with her new addiction, and Vanessa is happy to help.

8/11/22 - Mia wants to share! Like And Share is now available, and I had fun with the ending. If you want more Mia, be sure to use your Coins to request her!
8/9/22 - Seven new Masterworks have been added, making a total of 100! Some old ones are being remastered as well.

8/5/22 - After School Special is done and available for download! Proceed with caution. Things get weird when Rebecca is home alone.
7/21/22 - BeachFest 2022 has finally come to an end, and I think I need a break from all that sun! You can now download all 149 images from BeachFest (as well as FlowerFest, which I have learned has not been available to download yet). I will be taking a break from the Festivals to focus on production.
7/19/22 - Ten new Masterworks added! Snag 'em! Some are new, unreleased covers!
7/15/22 - BeachFest continues for 5 more days with 5 more girls! Why? Cuz it's hot!
7/9/22 - Samantha's Bio has been added! You may already have it as she did appear in Episode 10! Bios for Celani and Petra have been updated.
7/9/22 - The Collections Page has been updated and a few errors fixed. Mark what you have read! You never know when new Bonus Features will get added to them.

7/8/22 - Nerd Girls Are Easy is done and available for download! Took me long enough. It's a doozy.
7/7/22 - Tessa's Bio has been added! You may already have it as she did appear briefly in Episode 13.

7/1/22 - BeachFest is here, and so are two new releases! First off, go get Ghostly Admirer now! If you are a Verified User, and you buy it during BeachFest, it's free! You can also get the BeachFest 2022 Print Series, with new images added every day through BeachFest! Soak up the sun!
6/13/22 - Art Search has been added. You don't have to go too far to find it as it's now featured at the top of the Art Gallery. We're still tagging more art, and keep in mind: this only shows art you own! If you have suggestions for new topics to search for, let us know. We have a few upgrades in mind for later already.
6/10/22 - Art Search is coming! You can now get expanded Art Galleries from a character's Bio Page. Just scroll down to their new Gallery and click Art Search to get tons of artwork. This is a work in progress, and soon Art Search will let you search by character, magical power, or theme.

6/9/22 - Nerd Girls Are Easy is so close to FINALLY being done! You can read about eighty more pages right now with the rest to come next week. This story has also been completely refreshed we new 3D art, some of the best yet! You're gonna love Tessa. Her Bio and Gallery will also be added soon, along with another new bio from this story!

5/19/22 - Private Beach is now available! Time for Tabitha to shine! Enjoy one of Rebecca's most glorious of creations as she sheds her bikini and basks in the sun.
5/13/22 - Kwame now has a Super Bio. Sophia's bio has been updated.

5/13/22 - Transcending Fitness is now available! Enjoy Sophia right now (and maybe a few others)!

4/15/22 - Head In The Clouds is now available for download! Finally! Another episode. Reading this now does not spoil Episode 38, which is still in the works. They are not directly connected.

4/2/22 - The Best Babysitter is now available! Hannah proves to be just as kinky and wild as Rebecca as she roleplays as the older woman's babysitter ... with one really big secret down between her thighs.
3/26/22 - Miss the party? All Seasonal Print Sets are now available for purchase anytime (although they cost Tokens for you tardy types). You can also now download any Seasonal Print set as an image set!
3/25/22 - BeerFest may be over, but the pics from the big finale are right here (if you purchased the set, that is)!
3/20/22 - Little Vanessa gets a Bio!

3/5/22 - Head In The Clouds is now available for Pre-Order! Enjoy the first 23,000 words of Celeste's ascention to divinty. Sometimes, life comes at you fast.
3/3/22 - 13 new Masterworks have been added. More updates are coming, I promise!

2/16/22 - Suburban Secrets is now Elite!
2/16/22 - Mia and Nicole get Super Bios!
2/15/22 - 20 new Masterworks have been added, and some old ones got updated!
2/4/22 - 3D Prints are now Masterworks and 12 new Masterworks have been added! This upgraded section will soon feature even larger resolution renders for Patrons! Plus, all Masterworks will eventually have captions as well. What about Captions? They will all soon join Masterworks and be removed from the site, sadly. Consolidation can be good, though, as all those renders will get super-sized as well! Work in progress.
1/15/22 - 25 new Vintage Pinups have been added!
1/15/22 - Snowfest is here! Click the banner at the top of the page to see what you can enjoy!

1/14/22 - Rise To Power is now on Pre-Order! The first 23,000 words have dropped, and while it may feel like the end of Vanessa's origin story, it's not. It really is just the first part. There are two more 'major moments' in her life I want to cover in this story, so hang on for the rest.

1/9/22 - Polka Dot Bikini is now Elite, and it got quite an upgrade! Not only is this story now twice as long, but it comes with a whooping 14 renders! I couldn't resist getting a view of Rebecca from all angles. The story is still very much the same, it just deserved more ... attention.

1/7/22 - Lost At Sea is now Elite! I added something fishy.

1/7/22 - The Best Dick In Town is now Elite! Does that make it the Elite Dick In Town?
1/6/22 - You can now convert Credits directly to Coins. Please Click Here to use the conversion page for now. A button will be added to the Shopping Page as well. Also, all Games have been moved to the Shopping Page as the Games section has been removed. TBD if it comes back.
1/3/22 - 17 new Curves have been added to the Art Gallery! Others have been updated with better (smoother) renders.
1/2/22 - 8 Elite Cards have been added to Hanging Out. That didn't take so long, did it?

1/2/22 - Quickie Hanging Out goes Elite! The cover and artwork is now 3D! Verfied Users will also be able to download this soon. Elite Cards are on the way. Try the Slideshow as well!

12/26/21 - Exhibition Caught In The Act gets updated with Dani's new hair style and 3 new images!
12/23/21 - Custom Buttons have been refreshed with new artwork.
12/23/21 - Molly's Bio Added!
12/23/21 - Some Captions have been refreshed with new art. One new Caption added!

12/23/21 - A new Exhibition Nude Gardening is quite self explainatory. Enjoy!

12/17/21 - Photo Opportunity is all done! Download this 290-image comic now!

12/8/21 - Photo Opportunity's Pre-Order has been extended to 190 Images! It's still not done, but it will be done this month. There's one last major scene to get through, and I do leave you on a bit of a cliffhanger, no pun intended (cuz, ya know, this story has cliffs). Enjoy some of my most wild renders to date!
12/8/21 - Sophia, Jackie, and Tabitha all get Super Bios! Sophia and Tabitha get new Bio Images, and Tabitha (finally) gets her Saga added. I forgot about it. It's short (for now).
12/7/21 - Kelly and Sabrina both get Super Bios and new Bio Images!
12/2/21 - Mary, Julia, and Kim all get Super Bios!
12/1/21 - Episode 2: Grand Tour's Elite Download is ready!
11/30/21 - New Slideshow Button added to Elite Episodes. You can now skim through the Elite Images of each Elite Episode! That's Elite!
11/30/21 - All Elite Cards have been added to Episode pages.
11/30/21 - 10 new Elite Cards have been added for Episode 2: Grand Tour.

11/30/21 - Episode 2: Grand Tour is now Elite! This story also got beefed up quite a bit with almost 10,000+ words added. It was nice to revamp an old story a bit. The story itself has not changed, but rather some areas were extended and some dialog changed. There's also over 50 3D images to go with it! A download will be made available very soon as I am packaging it up with extra stuff.
11/27/21 - More banners added! More on the way! Minor website improvements as well.
11/27/21 - Erica Milani gets a Super Bio!
11/26/21 - New Banner Gallery added for all Patrons. You can view any Banner on the site without having to cycle through all of them. More to come!
11/22/21 - New 2022 Banners on the way! You can see how the Banners will work on the 2022 site in the Comic section right now. Scroll down to see the full page take over your browser window! These will eventually be everywhere.
11/22/21 - Elite Cards added to the Art Gallery. You can only earn these by buying stories. More to come!

11/17/21 - Show and Tell is now available for download. I added a few Elite Cards. Elite Cards will arrive on the website soon.
11/16/21 - Alexis gets a Super Bio!

11/16/21 - Senior Photos (Remastered) is now available for download. Finally.

11/16/21 - Clones For Her Birthday is now available for download. Sorry that took so long.

11/15/21 - Show and Tell is finally here! And it is an Elite Version to boot! This story has 3D art from the start, and feels more like a comic. I went a bit overboard on the amount of artwork. I hope you don't mind. There's even more coming in the download (which will be ready tomorrow).
11/13/21 - You can now buy Extras and develop them! Visit the Extra Store to see who is for sale. If you don't see anyone, that means they've currently all been bought. More will be added later. This is a growing section that lets you develop your own corner of the Hannahverse!

11/7/21 - Episode 1: The Talented Teenager now has an Elite Edition! You can now get this first of many Elite Editions inwhich all 2D artwork has been replaced with brand new 3D art! New Elite Cards are also included with your download. (They will be added to the website later for easy viewing.) If you have already downloaded Episode 1, download it again! This version is better! (The story is the same.)
11/7/21 - 5 Bonus Cards for Episode 1: The Talented Teeanger have been updated.
11/3/21 - Two new Captions added! Can you unlock them?
11/3/21 - Becky now has a Super Bio and a new Bio Image.

11/3/21 - New Quickie The Best Dick In Town is just some good, old-fashioned, totally kinky and taboo sex between Rebecca and Becky. Is that a problem? We didn't think so.
11/3/21 - 5 new Prints have been added! Get a sneak peek at some new covers coming.

10/23/21 - Exhibition Caught In The Act get a new photo, is rendered at higher quality, and is also available for download!

10/19/21 - Exhibition Tending Bar gets three new photos, is rendered at higher quality, and is also available for download! I don't wanna see it popping up on any illegal websites...
10/17/21 - The Timeline Page has been vastly improved and now contains select Cards. More to be added! If you're new here and don't mind spoilers, you can read a summary of the entire saga (so far) in a matter of minutes!

10/15/21 - New Exhibition Rise and Shine is available! Sabrina gets a chance to shine, and she's going to let it all hang out!

10/12/21 - Senior Photos (Remastered) is available! I went nuts. The download will follow shortly.

10/1/21 - A Pre-Order for Photo Opportunity is available! I did not plan on doing this Comic so soon, but the renders went so freakin' fast, I figured I might as well do it. You can get the first 103 pages now. It is based on an older story I wrote long ago. Some of you might remember it.

9/26/21 - Clones For Her Birthday is complete! A downloadable .pdf will be added later this week.
9/26/21 - Vanessa gets an improved Bio.
9/25/21 - Celeste and Nika get improved Bios.

9/25/21 - Episode 37: What Dreams May Come is done! Stop reading this update and get to reading elsewhere!

9/14/21 - It's Mia's Birthday, and her Silent Story Clones For Her Birthday was ALMOST done on time. In any case, almost 70s new images have been added on her birthday. The rest are not far behind.

9/13/21 - New Exhibition The Cleaning Fairy added. Hannah goes in a little adventure to get some fun photos. This set is already loaded with 21 Photos! Get it today!

9/5/21 - After School Special has been updated with ~20 more pages. This story is getting weird, and I don't care. Proceed with caution. Rebecca has never been this horny, and she doesn't care what she does next.

8/31/21 - A Pre-Order for the 'remastered' Senior Photos is now available! There will be a few more remasters as I try to improve my early works. Enjoy the first 116 images!

8/29/21 - A Pre-Order is now available for Clones For Her Birthday! Enjoy the first 50 images!

8/18/21 - A preview and synopsis are now available for the next Silent Story Clones For Her Birthday. I'm trying to release this on Mia's actual birthday next month. Here's to hoping!

8/12/21 - New Exhibition Caught In The Act added. Get some extra photos with this sexy series.
8/10/21 - 53 New Cards added! Bonus Features for Higher Learning, A Date For The Evening, Catch Me If You Can, and Magical Tennis Match.
8/9/21 - A Bio Page for new girl Dani Thomas has been added! Content coming very soon.
8/5/21 - 6 more photos added to All Tied Up.

7/31/21 - What Dreams May Come has been updated with 60 more pages! Let's get wild!

7/28/21 - Catch Me If You Can is now available for Download. I almost was able to release this story on the actual day it takes place. Close enough. Enjoy this fun romp.
7/27/21 - Five more Prints added to the Art Gallery.

7/25/21 - Happy Birthday, Kelly! All Tied Up is now available! It's Kelly's exhibition that may not be as public as the other Exhibitions, but you won't complain, right? It also ties into Episode 36 quite nicely. If you haven't read Episode 36, it doesn't matter too much. Just enjoy.

7/18/21 - Catch Me If You Can is now available for Pre-Order. This fun romp is moving along fast! Could be completed by the end of the month.

7/16/21 - After School Special is now available for Pre-Order. You think you can handle Rebecca's taboo mind? Let's put it to the test! If you like ultra-kinky fun between a horny milf and younger teens, get ready. Admittedly, this is just the opening scenes. The real action is yet to come.

7/13/21 - What Dreams May Come is now available for Pre-Order. It's just a little segment, but the entire story is outlined and moving quick. Expect some surprises.

7/12/21 - A Date For The Evening is now available for download. It went a bit longer than expected, but I doubt you'll complain about that.
7/6/21 - 7 more photos added to Godlife Magazine #1.

7/4/21 - The first issue of Godlife Magazine has started. More pages to be added. You can help write the articles within! Check out the photographer's work and create your Captions for Coins.
6/29/21 - Bios got a updated/upgraded. Artwork has been moved to separate search pages to save on some load times. You can now see galleries of any girl directly. More to come.
6/26/21 - New Memory game added! You are now earning Game Credits every day you visit the site. Memory has also been added as a Custom Button.
6/26/21 - Art Gallery Discounts added to all Patreon levels!
6/24/21 - A new Caption has been added to Study Session.
6/24/21 - A new photo has been added to A Walk In The Park.
6/24/21 - Six new Prints added. Just get 'em. They're only 100 Coins each.
6/24/21 - A few days were taken to make the Mobile and Tablet experiences better. For those that use that method to browse the site, I hope you see a lot of improvements! Now, back to writing.

6/22/21 - I went ahead and made the Pre-Order for A Date For The Evening available. It really is almost done, maybe just a few days away, but I am trying to push Pre-Orders as a 'thing'. You can start reading it now.

6/21/21 - New Exhibition Available: With A Blue Dress On! It's a simple little 'joke' that fits right in with the characters. The question is: who is it about?
6/20/21 - The new HTML5 Slot Machine is here! We hope to continue to make it even fancier over time, but for now, its fully functional. Some of the rules have changed.

6/19/21 - New Pre-Order Available: Episode 44: The Cadet's Cosmic Game! Don't worry about skipping ahead on this one. This is a direct sequel to Episode 36 and offers no spoilers for any Episode in between. You can start reading this sexy Star Trek-themed story now! 15,000 words available.
6/18/21 - The Captions Section has been revamped, and two new Captions have been added. This new format will make it easier to make Captions in the future.
6/13/21 - Book Reports now a permanent fixture on the site under Bonus. How about some feedback, gang?
6/11/21 - Bios added for Nicole, Marcus, and Aaron.
6/9/21 - Voting Booth updated! Three kinky stories This Could Be Fun, My Neighbor's Big Secret, and Only One Wish graduated to Coming Soon while new stories Powers of Seduction and Little Black Book have been added!
6/8/21 - New Pre-Order section opening up! Nerd Girls Are Easy gets is current page count extended. What's Tessa up to?
6/7/21 - Two new photos added to Hannah's A Walk In The Park.
6/6/21 - Kwame, Lisa, and Alice's Sagas added and their Bios have been updated!

6/5/21 - It's here! It's here! Oh my Hannah, it's here! Read Higher Learning now and get back on track with the Main Saga!
6/5/21 - 50 new Cards Added!
6/5/21 - Bonus Features have been added to Bus Ride.

6/1/21 - New Exhibition Checking Out has been added. It's Vanessa's chance to strut, that is until she gets distracted.

5/22/21 - New Exhibition Tempting Fate has been added. Tiffany has some fun, but seems to have forgot she is invisible.
5/21/21 - The Timeline has been updated with more details, including all the Exhibitions which have been released. Everything has a place.

5/21/21 - New Quickie For Fuck's Sake has been added. Sophia's in for it now!
5/18/21 - New Curves Gallery open in the Art Gallery. There's 46 images to start, with more planned. Enjoy the bodies of the gods (and others)!
5/17/21 - 50 more Cards added, including Bonus Features for Episode 30! If you've read Episode 30, we've made sure Jade's Bio is working. You may not have been able to see it.

5/16/21 - New Comic Series Life On Evos has started. Get the first Episode now, and explore this wild, new world.
5/15/21 - New Prints section added to the Art Gallery! These are just covers and some of my favorite renders stripped of text for your enjoyment. They're very cheap, so no reason to not buy them all.
5/12/21 - "Tending Bar" got a new photo added! Thanks for funding this series! Keep funding, and more photos will be added.
5/9/21 - 20 new Vintage Pin Ups added. You can now browse Vintage Pin Ups by character!

5/8/21 - New Quickie God's Good Graces has been added. Expect more from this new 'relationship'.
5/4/21 - Celeste's Exhibition Let's Go To The Mall is now available!
5/2/21 - Hannah's Exhibition A Walk In The Park is now available!
4/30/21 - New Photo Fund option added to Exhibitions! You can now 'Crowdfund' more photos for completed Exhibitions. All new photos included in your original purchase!
4/30/21 - Previews added for the next two Exhibitions starring Hannah and Celeste! Expect them in about a week.
4/27/21 - Four new stories added to the Vote page.
4/27/21 - Bio Banners for Jade, Julia, Scarlett, Sabrina, and Señora Ramos! Also, new Bio Pics for Jade and Lisa.
4/26/21 - "Suburban Secrets" got a minor cover change. No change to the story.
4/26/21 - New Bios for Yuri, Nikki, and Kim Yun Hee. They're fairly small bios, but it's nice to have them here!

4/24/21 - The first Exhibition is now available! More Rebecca! More! More! More!
4/23/21 - Timeline Page updated with new style and new info!

4/22/21 - New Quickie Suburban Secrets is here! Check out this kinky quickie featuring Rebecca. It's a bit of a prequel to Episode 27.

4/19/21 - Episode 36: Higher Learning is now available for preorder! The price will go up upon completion! There is also some interesting character development at the end of this preorder segment you surely don't want to miss.
4/18/21 - 20 new Vintage Pin Ups added!
4/17/21 - 30 new Cards to reach a total of 100 this month! Enjoy the new pics!
4/14/21 - 20 new Cards added, including a few Bonus Features for Not Another Bimbo. More to come!
4/14/21 - A few Bio Image updates and Banner updates for Hannah, Becky, Vanessa, Mary, and Alexis.

4/12/21 - Need more Vanessa? Not Another Bimbo is now available! It's a short story, but will be loaded with Bonus Features at a later date!
4/12/21 - Sunday School has a new 3D cover and a new .pdf update to download. Per the request of some of you, the original 2D cover is included at the end of the story/download. All Chronicles will slowly be getting this treatment over time.
4/12/21 - 50 new Cards added! Bonus features for The Trailhead, Shopping Strip, and Sunday School! More coming for not just these stories, but others as well.

4/6/21 - Right Up Her Alley is now available! It's 160 pages of kinky fun. I even impressed myself!
4/5/21 - Several "Voting" Stories have graduated to "Coming Soon". Did your picks make it?
4/5/21 - Collection Page updated to actually display stats better. I've also added some helpful [?] blocks.
4/5/21 - New Comic Thumbnail Viewer makes it easier to zip around in a comic, and still open a comic on a specific page. Hope this helps your browsing. New Silent Story almost ready, so test it out!
4/4/21 - New Saved Spots! I have finally fixed the stupid bookmarking system that didn't seem to work and made Saved Spots. They work like Favorites, but now you can save the page (or group of pages) you left off on. It at least narrows it down to within 5 pages, which is kind of the best I can do. Hope this helps.
4/2/21 - More improvements to how you view artwork on the website! Hopefully things are easier to see! The bigger, the better!
3/31/21 - Vinage Pin Ups now added to all Bios!
3/31/21 - 25 new Vintage Pin Ups have been added!
3/31/21 - Advanced Previews and Exhibitions added to Custom Buttons menu.
3/31/21 - Raphael's Saga added to his bio! Bio updated and adjusted as well.

3/24/21 - A new Chronicle! Rebecca and Tiffany go for a hike in the tiniest bikinis they can conjure up, and even that seems like too much clothes as they are naked and fucking once they find a private spot.
3/23/21 - Becky's Saga added to her bio!
3/18/21 - Erica's Saga added to her bio!
3/18/21 - Preview for Right Up Her Alley posted! Be sure not to miss this 100+ image series due April 1st! It's pretty wild and full of kinky sex.
3/16/21 - Alice's Bio added!
3/16/21 - Sabrina, Scarlett, Valerie, Luke, Petra and Anna's Sagas all added! Various corrections to other bios also taken care of.
3/12/21 - 52 Banners added to the Bio Page (finally). Will you ever see them all? They're placed at random!
3/11/21 - Caption Contest Winners Announced!
3/11/21 - 25 new Vintage Pin Ups have been added!
3/8/21 - MINOR RETCON / CONTINUITY FIX. While trying to sync up new stories with old ones, I noticed the art in Episode 31 did not match the new comic Friends With Benefits. Since this is mostly just a visual error, I went ahead and adjusted pages 94 and 95 of Episode 31. The story is totally the same. Feel free to download this update if you own the story.
  3/5/21 - New Chronicle: Lunch Meeting! Things are not what they seem when hot assistant Monica craves office sex from her powerful boss.
3/5/21 - Monica's Bio has been added!
3/4/21 - My Stepmom Is From Space has been added to the Voting Page. If you can't get enough of Becky and Rebecca fucking each other like crazy in taboo scenarios, then be sure to dump all your Coins into voting for this. Also, Night With A Witch has graduated to Coming Soon!
3/2/21 - Gifts have now been added to the Site! These will be fun to toss out occasionally, and you might even find a few random Gifts around the website. If you click Here today, you'll get a neat free one!
3/2/21 - Ten new 'Caption This' caption options added! Share your creativity with us and put your own spin on Hannah and her friends.
2/28/21 - Viewing Cards on Story Pages is now quicker!
2/28/21 - 100 new Cards Added! Bonus Features for 'A Gift From God', 'Study Session', and 'The Genie's Wishes' all added, plus a few more for 'A Magical Storm'. That's a lot of content!
  2/27/21 - New Quickie: Roadside Assistance! A helpful traveler gets a bit more than he expects from a lost teenager with an epic rack.
2/24/21 - You can now browse Cards by Girl!
2/22/21 - +38 New Vintage Pin Ups!
  2/22/21 - New Quickie: An Unexpected Encounter! A burglar ends up trying to rob the wrong house.
2/20/21 - Tamika and Celani's Bios added! If you've read their stories, you already have them!
2/16/21 - Vintage Pin Up Gallery added to Custom Buttons!
2/16/21 - New Vintage Pin Up Gallery with thanks to artist Diobo! More to come!
2/14/21 - Coming Soon page gets updated with two stories you voted on! Thanks for voting!
2/11/21 - All Custom Stories are back! New Covers and Story Art will be updated in time, but the text is all working!
2/10/21 - More Custom Stories return! Enjoy "Extreme Narcissism" and "The Power of Suggestion"!
2/9/21 - Jackie and Mia's Bios get updated with all their new Cards!
2/9/21 - 50 more Cards added! Bonus Features for The World Of Porn, A Magical Storm, and Drunk With Powers!
2/9/21 - More Custom Stories return! Enjoy "Tonight's Homework", "Sex On The Brain", and "Magic Fingers"!
2/8/21 - Custom Stories are making a comeback, and with 3D Covers! More of the classics will be added as the weeks go on. Enjoy "In The Air Tonight" and "Hide And Seek" again right now!
1/30/21 - Celeste's Saga has been added to her Bio. Her Bio has also been updated.
  1/30/21 - New Chronicle: After Hours! This story comes with some great Bonus Features and a substaintial update to Sasha's bio, so don't miss it. There will be sequels!
1/29/21 - Bonus Features added to several Quickies. They now appear on your Unlocked Features page.
1/29/21 - Bonus Features and Notes added to Quickie: Polka Dot Bikini
1/29/21 - Bonus Features added to Episode 8: Extra Lives
1/29/21 - 50 More Cards added. Be sure to Refresh and make sure your data is up to date!
1/28/21 - New stories "This Could Be Fun" and "Untitled Sasha Sequel" added to the Voting Booth. Make them happen!
1/25/21 - Nika's Saga added. Bio Updated!
1/25/21 - Tiffany's Saga added. Bio Updated!
  1/24/21 - New Quickie: Just Visiting!
1/24/21 - Downloads for Silent Stories has been fixed.
1/24/21 - All Quickies updated with 3D Covers!
1/21/21 - The option to convert Tokens to Coins has returned to the Bonus Page.
1/20/21 - The Voting Booth gets an upgrade. Now you can sort between categories and vote for your favorites in each one. When it comes time to move stories to Coming Soon, I'll be looking at the tops of each category, not just the top of the overall list.
1/18/21 - "Perfect Marriage", "Horny Housecalls", and "Evening Prayers" get Bonus Features!
1/18/21 - Six new Captions Added
1/14/21 - "Role Playing Games" added to the Voting Booth
1/14/21 - Five Bonus Cards added to Shopping Strip!
1/14/21 - Sasha gets a Bio! Read 'Shopping Strip' to unlock it!
1/14/21 - Silent Stories now added to your Collection Page. Check them off to get credit for current and future bonus features!
1/14/21 - Rebecca's Bio updated with new Cards!
1/14/21 - Vanessa's Bio updated with new Cards!
1/14/21 - Episode 22 gets Author Notes and Spoiler Synopsis. It will take a while to do this for every story, but I will get there slowly!
1/14/21 - Episode 2 and Episode 22 get Bonus Cards!
1/13/21 - Feedback options added to All Stories. Send us some love!
1/13/21 - New Coin Shop Added to help you spend your Coins!
1/13/21 - Two new stories added to the Voting Booth. Ideas keep coming!
1/13/21 - Vikki's Saga added!
1/12/21 - 'Caption This' section added to Interactive! Recaption images and share!
1/12/21 - Episode 19 Bonus gets Bonus Content and Señora Ramos gets her Saga added.
1/12/21 - Mary and Julia get Sagas added to their bios!
1/12/21 - Episode 7 Bonus and Episode 14 get Bonus Content!
1/12/21 - There are now 300 Cards available! Some will become unlocked as they are distributed across stories and Unlockable Features.
1/10/21 - Bios for Daisy, Valerie, Tabitha, Anna, Jade, and Sophia are now unlockable.
1/10/21 - Nina, Alexis, Sophia, Kristi, Daisy, and Mia's pages get Sagas.
1/9/21 - Altered the front page a bit, but you don't care about that stuff, hu?
1/9/21 - "Too Drunk To Care", "Night With A Witch", and "Purple and Pink" are added to the Voting Booth. Some classic ideas that fell through the cracks. Some might remember one of those.
1/9/21 - Download errors fixed.
1/8/21 - Story Search returns, but only searches Episodes for now. Working on upgrading that. Also Story Search and Voting Booth added to Custom Buttons.
1/8/21 - "Only One Wish" and "Best Friends Forever" are added to the Voting Booth. Check out these kinky ideas!
1/7/21 - Voting Booth returns.
1/7/21 - 25 New Banners added to Comic Pages and 40 to the Interactive Pages.
1/4/21 - 25 New Banners added to Main and Bonus Pages.
12/31/20 - Production Log started.
12/31/20 - Select Patreon Levels now have Full Access to Captions!
12/31/20 - New Saga Spoiler Button added to Bios.
12/31/20 - More Coins per Day for All Patreon Levels.
12/31/20 - New Patreon Benefits in effect.
12/30/20 - Jackie's Saga and Cards Added to Bio!
12/30/20 - Vanessa's Saga and Cards Added to Bio!
12/30/20 - Bio Images will now update based upon your progress through the Main Series. You can still see old Bio Images. More to come as art is created!
12/30/20 - New Bio Images for Mary, Rebecca, Daisy, Vikki, Nina, and others.
12/30/20 - Natalia's Bio now unlockable!
12/30/20 - Mary's Saga Added to Bio!
12/29/20 - 2D Book Cover Gallery returns!
12/29/20 - 2D Posters return!
12/29/20 - Coming Soon page cleaned up and cleared of errors.
12/29/20 - Custom Buttons extended to 10! A few bios have also been added as options for Custom Buttons. Edit them!
12/28/20 - 2D Polaroids return!
12/28/20 - Custom Cards are now being accepted!
12/28/20 - More Cards scattered beside Bio Sagas. Hannah, Rebecca, and Kelly are first to get them.
12/28/20 - Kelly's Bio gets Saga and Cards added!
12/27/20 - 200 Cards Added
12/27/20 - New Thumbnails for Comics / Silent Stories
12/27/20 - Slot Machine Now Available!
12/27/20 - Hannah's Saga Added to Bio!
12/27/20 - Rebecca's Saga Added to Bio!