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Womanizer Armando made the score of the century when he brought home Jenny: an extremely busty, wildly sexual teenager who seemingly snuck into a night club and was looking for sex with the hottest guy she could find. Lucky to now find himself waking up next to a girl nearly ten years younger than himself, Armando has a plan to make Jenny a star by showing the world her impossibly perfect body. But is that what Jenny wants? How is this girl so gorgeous, so voluptuous, and yet so young and naive? Is she hiding a secret from Armando?

Unbeknownst to the handsome man, Jenny's real name is none other than Hannah Deangelo; the girl born with magical powers. Known all over the world, young Hannah was simply born with too many supernatural powers to count, powers, reserved for fantasy stories, comic books, and even holy texts. Fly? Walk through walls? Teleport? Read minds? Hannah can do so many things, and yet she can't seem to get away from her one-night-stand. Plus Armando has no idea this young girl is the famous Hannah for she is trying out a brand new body for the first time, and her new look seems to have brought her a lot of attention she wasn't ready to receive. Having gotten in over her head, all Hannah wants to do is go home, only she can't break her own rules on what she is allowed to do with her powers, but she still can't let Armando find out who she really is.
Features: Straight Sex, Intangibility, Flight, Lesbian Tones
Length: 23,700 Words / 67 Pages
Cost: 250 Tokens
Elite Version: 2.0
Bonuses: 32 Story Images, 10 Saga Cards
Status: This Episode is a Freebie. You can read it online for free! You have not purchased this Episode and cannot download it.
All characters depicted in this story who witness or engage in sexual activity are of eighteen years of age or older. While some episodes may contain violence, they are void of any kind of sexual abuse, unwanted sex, or rape. This is a work of pure fiction and not based on any person living or dead.
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Sexual Activity
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Lesbian Sex
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Self/Solo Sex
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Hannah has disguised herself as a random, big-boobed blonde and renamed herself Jenny. After using this new identity (as well as her powers) to sneak into a club in Miami, she finds herself waking next to a beautiful man named Armando. Naked and still horny, Hannah takes Armando for another ride. Yet realizing her one night stand is over, and also realizing Armando is not the 'nice guy' she hoped and in fact longing to exploit her beauty, Hannah must get over her teenage nerves, remember her powers, and use them to sneak out of his house. After fumbling about rather comically, Hannah literally flies away only to be met by Nika up in the clouds. Sadly, Hannah leaves Nika so she can get back to her parents' house in Chicago, but a Hannah from the future arrives shortly after to offer Nika the sex she wanted.
View/Hide Author's Notes
This story was meant to really showcase some of Hannah's great powers one at a time and introduce them to the reader slowly. After early fumbling around with the series order and how things were meant to be released, it was deemed that this story be the first in the series even if there are stories about Hannah which take place before and after. In retrospect, it was kinda odd to see Hannah so forgetful about her powers despite having mastered them already in stories that take place before this. Chalk it up to nerves, I guess.

The original story also was much longer and had Hannah meeting Nika on a beach before the two flew off together and had lesbian sex. That bit was cut as it felt like an entirely different story altogether. Maybe some day it will be released as such.

Reader Comments:
“Just read episode 1. OH my god!!!! I loved that story, it was so imaginative. The story is good and the sex is super hot. I truly think that it should be made into a movie of some kind. Looking forward to reading the rest of the episodes.”
- (Anonymous)
“A good start. the new art really makes it pop. ”
- (Anonymous)
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