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Joan Lavigne
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A Simple French woman, Whom lent her appearance to a god

Not much is known about Joan. She was living an unassuming life until Tiffany, the god of fate, one day decided to visit her hometown, and took on Joan's appearance to have sex with a nearby guy. Joan is unawere about this, and is mainly focused on getting her degree so she can one day start her own business.
Birthday 04/13/94
Appears ... 0 years old
Names / Aliases
Power Level 0%
Nationality French
Home City
Current City
General Sex
With Guys
With Girls
Gender Bending
Gaining Powers
Using Powers
Being Famous
Having Money
Winning Praise
Sexy Outfits
ID Theft
Alter Egos
Main Canon Very little is known about her outside of the fact that on July 12, 2014, the God of Fate Tiffany Martin stole her appearance to seduce a man. She is totally unaware of this happening. However, it appears she lives (or once lived) in a small, seaside town.
Dreams of ... One day meeting Hannah, opening her own business, trying to have a succesful lesbian experience.
Likes to ... Take long walks along the ocean; Shopping; Hang out with her friends.
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