Becky Larson
Rebecca Larson's teenage clone / younger alter ego.
Appears ... 18 years old
Birthday N/A
Power Level 99%
Nationality American (Scottish)
Home City South Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Current City South Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Can ... do anything she wants. She is omnipotent.
Favorite Powers Flight, Gender Bending, Teleporation, Shapeshifting, Intangibility, Mind Control
Likes to ... pretend she is God; grow a huge penis during sex; have sex with Rebecca; have sex with older men; have sex with older women; tease mortals.
Fun Facts Teenage slut; Rebecca Larson's younger self; sometimes acts as though she is 'God' instead of Hannah; commonly dominant, and likes to dominate her older self; loves kinky sex and sex with older men; loves to roleplay
Becky's Story
Eighteen year-old Becky Larson now has infinite magical powers and has become the most powerful being in all the universe, or at least she likes to think so. Having been deprived of a fun childhood, it is not uncommon for forty-two year-old Rebecca Larson to either become a teenage version of herself for her husband to enjoy, or even recreate her teenage self so that she may enjoy her. When Rebecca and Becky split apart, they become two completely separate personalities, both of which are extremely powerful beings with wild, and sometimes very kinky, sexual appetites. Becky is obviously just as powerful as her older counterpart as she is able to fly, teleport, read minds, slip through solid matter, and reshape reality with her thoughts. However, Becky believes she is in fact God instead of Hannah, abusing her powers more than most and sometimes ignoring the rules as she does what she pleases, and nothing pleases her more than having hot, wild, perverted lesbian sex older self. Becky loves to overpower her older self, obeying not Rebecca’s words or commands, but her sexual desires no matter how wild or perverse they can get. Together, Rebecca and Becky get quite extreme and perverse as their role-plays tend to become quite taboo for they see no reason to resist embracing all forms of sex and pleasure.
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