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A slave from the past who was brought to the future to rule as a god.
Appears ... 31 years old
Birthday 10/12/1796
Power Level 99%
Nationality African
Home City Unknown
Current City Unknown
Can ... do anything he wants. He is omnipotent.
Likes to ... enforce Hannah's rules; have sex with Tiffany; have sex with Celeste; obey Hannah.
Fun Facts Hannah's God of Order; tasked with making sure the other demigods do their tasks; the only man to pass Nika's 'God Test'; taken from the past by Hannah and Vanessa; seems to like blonde girls
Kwame's Story
There's a reason why a majority of Hannah's Pantheon are women: no man has ever passed Nika's subconscious 'God Test'. While Nika may be a little baised against men, Hannah has tried to find a man to join her group of magical friends, yet each time she thinks she finds a man worth blessing with omnipotence, he seems to prove himself unworthy in some way, even if it is only in his dreams. It was shortly after Celeste was turned into a god that Hannah decided to search history as well, traveling back in time to find a worthy man. It was finally in 1830 South Carolina were Hannah found a man who had not only passed Nika's test, but had been forgotten by history.

A strong, handsome slave named Kwame had been brought from Africa to the new America, bought and sold several times, and eventually executed for murdering one of his owners for raping a little girl. His body burned and buried in a ditch, Kwame's life was ended, but that didn't mean Hannah could not go further back in time to his execution and do something about it. It was just as Kwame was about to die that Hannah snatched his consciousness from his body and brought him back to 2015, giving him a second life as the God Of Order. Now just as powerful as all the other female gods, Kwame is tasked with making sure that all the other gods do their jobs, acting as a sort of police officer for Hannah's Pantheon. Of course, the giant man who had once been a slave takes time out to enjoy his fellow gods, feeling a bit like he is in heaven as the only male god among Hannah's Pantheon.

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