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UPDATED 9/5/20

The show must go on! It's time to get back to the main plot, and this one has some great plot advancement (and some great sex scenes and powers). This one is loaded. Do not miss it!
Sasha is attacked by the clothes of her own clothing store! Is this a good thing, or a bad thing? Time will tell.
50% Progress!

Rebecca tries on several outfits in public, and only one man can see her.
65% Progress!

The story of Mary continues. Are you ready for what happens next?
Time to learn all about Alexis's naked body. Are you taking notes?
Not Started
Vanessa's origins are fully revealed in this (mostly) flashback episode. Meet Isabella, Vanessa's Erica, and all her other lovers. Plus, discover Kwame's origins! Hannah also stars and joins Vanessa on many adventures.
Not Started
Tiffany and Vanessa merged to form the ultimate nerd girl Tessa! Able to use science and knowledge to manipulate reality with her mind, Tessa wonders what sex is like and decides to go out and try it out! What kinds of sex will she find at Tiffany's college?
There is actually sequel to "Shopping Strip", and its very kinky. Current synopsis kept under wraps for now as it is spoilerific!
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Hannah and Sabrina are back, and Hannah craves more sex. But the two girls are at school, so Hannah will have to figure out a way to seduce Sabrina.
Rebecca has birthday plans not for her daughter, but for her daughter's roommate! Time to open some presents and see what Mrs. Larson has to offer.
Celeste's origins get greater details, as well as her current adventures. Did you know Celeste has a big sister? Well ... she kinda does. Sorta. It's a long story, and that's why its here!
Not Started
Tiffany and Rebecca enjoy some kinky fun out in the wilderness.
Not Started
Things are never wha they seem in Hannah's world, so when you read a story about Anthony Williams cheating on his wife with his hot secretary, you know its not the entire story.
You know who needs a bit of an origin story? Kelly. She's late to the party, but more powerful than anyone (she thinks). How did Kelly get so mad at the world?
This story from a previous series is remastered for Jackie and Rebecca. Young Jackie loves having magic, and she wants more powers. Will her teacher Rebecca teach her more?
Another great story from a previous series is remastered for Becky and her older lover Molly. How can the famous celebrity hide the fact she is cheating on her husband with a teenage sorceress ... and that sex with this little girl is far, far, far better?
This is a very popular 'idea' that will take some time to write. It is a much longer story about a pocket reality where Rebecca is dead ... sorta. No other gods exist in a world where the spirit of Rebecca tends to her husband and family, and enjoys 'ghost' powers while her body remains in a coma. Is this a better way to 'live'?
Not Started
Having discovered her best friend can clone herself at will, Sabrina and 'The Hannah Sisters' head off to a private beach for some kinky fun. But when they are spotted by two other bikini girls, should Hannah, Sabrina, and Hannah hide, or flaunt?
Not Started
On one of her first adventures all by herself, Celeste sneaks onto a fancy cruise ship full of rich men and greedy girls. Clearly some kind of 'sex cruise', this boat takes Celeste out to sea and quickly falls under her control. Why is Celeste so popular? Some girls want answers!


Graduation Ceremony
Ready to celebrate Hannah's high school graduation, the gods all meet up and end up having a wild night of the craziest sex they can think of, most of which they are at the whim of each other. How crazy will things get?
TBD Isabella Clone Story
Lesbian, Cloning, Group
After a long day pretending to be mortal, Vanessa comes home to her mansion and is quickly met by her imagionary girlfriend Isabella. Knowing Vanessa is her creator and created to be her girlfriend, Isabella is ready to tend to whatever needs Vanessa has and is more than happy to create a few extra Isabellas for the stressed CEO.
Boys Will Be Toys
Straight, Group, Teacher
We know a bit about Alexis at Church of Hannah, but that's only the Girl's Side of campus. What about the boys? Eager to see what goes on with the men, the mysterious Ms. Carson struts her stuff before the boys and demands some 'dick inspections'.
Advanced Sex Ed
Longing to get naughty, the gods enter a reality where they are all gorgeous, magical teenagers and Nika is their Sex-Ed teacher. Nika demands her hot students show off their powers, their bodies, and suck each other's huge girl-cocks.
Forest Delights
Shapeshifting, Cloning, Solo
Daisy explores nature again by taking various forms, but her abuse of magical powers quickly makes her too horny to continue. Maybe she should pluck that reflection out of the pool and enjoy some time with herself.
Fallen Angel
Naomi is too hot to be a lesbian, or at least that's what the jugdmental townfolk think. Longing for an equally hot, yet oblivious flower shop owner named Penny, Naomi's rural life is changed when a real angel crashes into her barn.
TBD Hannah Vanessa Story
Lesbian, Merging, Creation, Cloning
Waking in her luxury apartment in New York, the phenomenally sexy and often demanding Vanna prepares for her day. Vanna is so bossy that reality itself obeys her, her words granting her the power to reshape anything about existence. Demanding respect, Vanna creates maids to clean her apartment, clones herself to bathe herself, and prepares to go out into the world and toy with lesser beings. The world better obey her every need, or she might get bitchy and mean.
Straight, Striptease
Alexis just wants to make her teacher Mr. Peterson happy by stripping for him in his office and riding his huge dick. What a good girl.
Life On Evos
Welcome to Evos, an alternate reality where everyone is an ultra-hot, busty babe with a big dick. With only one gender, and very little monogamy, sex is always on the menu as all the gods live new lives and enjoy new relationships.