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Maddison Stuart
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A girl sees Hannah, and it changes her life

Born and raise in a conservative religious family, Maddison was expected by her parents to find a husband and start having children as soon as possible. Instead, she accepted a scholarship to Monument University to study architecture. Life in the liberal big city was far different that Maddy had imagined, and further complicating it was that Hannah Deangelo was in her freshmen class. Initially, Maddy believed that there was only one God, and Hannah was not it. But Maddison kept seeing Hannah do impossible things, and as the school year progressed, began to have doubts about the faith she was raised in. One day, Hannah threw a supernatural pool party and Maddison joined. As the party got wilder, Hannah began to change people's bodies to godlike figures. Maddison was caught up in this and found she now had a supermodel's physique that didn't seem to age or gain weight, her sex drive was amped up to match, and her sexual preferences had changed to include women. After 'Episode 36', Maddison formally converted to the The Church of Hannah. She has not told her parents yet for she does not know how they would react.
Birthday Dec 10, 1996
Appears ... 18 years old
Names / Aliases Maddy
Power Level 0%
Nationality American
Home City Ogden, Utah
Current City Chicago, Illinois
General Sex
With Guys
With Girls
Gender Bending
Gaining Powers
Using Powers
Being Famous
Having Money
Winning Praise
Sexy Outfits
ID Theft
Alter Egos
Main Canon Maddison was once at a mall where omnipotent gods Tiffany Martin and Celeste Casanova were taking nude photos. However, she did not notice them because they were both invisible; When she moved to Chicago to go to college, she once saw Hannah's friend Mia Sato walking around campus; When she finally did see Hannah, Hannah used her magical powers to give all the girls nearby sexy bodies like her own, including Maddison; Maddison has since been enhanced and enjoys an ultra-sexy body.
Dreams of ... Maddison really doesn't want to disappoint her parents. She sees Sabrina flying around campus and knows Hannah can grant powers. Every night, Madison Prays that Hannah will grant her cloning powers, so she can both live a life that meets her parents' expectations of her while also being able to live the new exciting life of a supermodel lesbian Exhibitionist. So far, Hannah has not granted this wish. (her winning praise/ admiration score is solely about winning the praise and admiration of her family.)
Likes to ... study old buildings; travel; pray to Hannah in secret; wander around campus hoping to bump into Hannah; keep her parents in the dark about her infatuation with Hannah and other girls in general; go to meetings where people recount meeting or seeing Hannah
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