Luke Robinson
A famed photographer who found out his girlfriend is a god.
Appears ... 37 years old
Birthday 2/8/1978
Power Level 0%
Home City Atlanta, Ga
Current City Los Angeles, Ca
Can ... take really good photos; be patient.
Likes to ... take photos; earn his own way; have sex with Tiffany.
Fun Facts Tiffany's mortal boyfriend; semi-famous photographer; aware of his supermodel-girlfriend's godlike powers
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Luke's Story
Luke is and has always been a noble man. After working his butt off to get out of poverty and follow his passion of photography, the smart, talented, and humble man ended to discovering one of the world's hottest supermodels: Tiffany Rose. While it was never his intent to fall in love with one of his subjects, the blonde bombshell tempted Luke into dating her as opposed to him trying to set something up with her, unable to refuse a date with the then unknown beauty which would lead to quite the seriously relationship. Yet what Luke did also not know was that this gorgeous, tall, extremely fit and phenomenally voluptuous blonde who could have been a bikini model, a lingerie model, a fitness model, or a runway model had a very remarkable secret, a secret she told Luke, yet told no one else.

Luke was instantly sure from the moment he first saw this woman pose for him that Tiffany's beauty would launch her into stardom, but even he could not predict just how famous she would become. Yet Tiffany never lost her affection for her first photographer and pulled him right along with her, taking him to movie premieres and galas and all sorts of regal events the otherwise humble and 'simple' man did not ever think he would attend. Yet behind closed doors, Luke's supermodel girlfriend is free to embrace the great secret she keeps from her agents, managers, employers, and all the other photographers she is forced to work for: she is literally a god. Chosen by the magical girl Hannah Deangelo, Luke's girlfriend Tiffany has amazing powers, powers that explain how she had kept her beauty hidden from the spotlight for so long as she is able to shapeshift at will into anyone she wants, offering Luke a chance to sleep with any other model he has ever photographed without worry. Is Luke living the dream, or is dating a rich and famous supermodel who also happens to be a magical god a bit too much for him to handle?
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